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Battery Information

Lead Acid Battery DOD (Depth of Discharge).


A typical round of golf will require about 40 minutes of run time while discharging at 56 amps.  With all three voltage configurations of lead acid type batteries, the batteries have more than enough capacity to get through two rounds.

But you’ll also want to look at the battery’s depth of discharge or DOD.  The depth of discharge is what the battery’s capacity is as a percentage of the overall capacity before recharging it.

All batteries have an ultimate number of cycles that you can discharge and recharge.  If you can keep the depth of discharge low in lead acid type batteries, then you can increase the number of cycles.  On average, if you only discharge a lead acid type battery to 30 percent consistently, then you can increase the life span by about 2.2 times versus a battery that is discharged to 60 percent.

6-volt and 8-volt batteries will discharge less than 12-volts, so they’ll last longer.

The whole science behind a deep cycle battery is the lead in it.  The more lead, the more charging capability, the more run time.  Cheaper batteries have less lead than more expensive batteries.  Hence less lead less run time less cost.

Also, a cheaper battery can weigh almost 15 pounds lighter than a well-made more expensive unit. This equates to less run time and less power to all the electrical components. This means that the cheaper batteries put more of a strain on the electrical components and they wear out faster.

Fortunately for folks who would like to maintain their batteries to achieve more running time per charge cycle and ensuring more battery life, there are a number of ways to make sure they remain in top notch condition.