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There are many NEV’s on the market to choose from.

The best street-legal electric micro-cars, NEVs, and LSVs you can buy in the US.

My go to NEV’s are the GEM and Think.  Strong in the used market and parts are easy to come by.  I have owned several and find them to be reliable and built robust and safe.


GEM Global Electric Motorcars

The GEM is one of the original low-speed tiny cars to popularize the concept of a neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV).  The company was founded in 1992 by a team of ex-General Motors engineers from Livonia, Michigan, under the name Trans2.

This company was moved to Fargo in North Dakota after it was purchased by a group of investors. The Global Electric Motorcars team designed and manufactured the first 48-Volt Gem vehicle in 1998. This vehicle allowed for two passengers and could drive up to 20 mph.

In 2000 after creating four models of the GEM vehicle, Daimler Chrysler Corporation purchased Global Electric Motorcars. It took them till 2004 to start producing new models of the GEM cars, however by January 2006 GEM had over 150 dealers.

In June 2010, Global Electric Motorcars introduced the first right-hand drive GEM electric vehicle to the market. Thirteen months later the current owner, Polaris, purchased Global Electric Motorcars.

In January 2022, it became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Waev.

Since 1998, there have been 50,000 GEM vehicles built and put on the market. Many of these vehicles are used for golf courses, apartment complexes, resorts, government agencies, universities, corporate campuses and individuals who wish to drive electric cars.

Ford TH!NK Neighbor (No longer manufactured)

Built by Ford from 2001- 2002.  The Ford TH!NK was a line of electric vehicles produced by the TH!NK Mobility, then an enterprise of Ford Motor Company. The short-lived line included four models: the TH!NK Neighbor and the TH!NK City, small electric automobiles, and the TH!NK Bike Traveler and the TH!NK Bike Fun, electric-powered motorized bicycle.

The TH!NK line suffered from recalls and poor sales and was canceled in 2002.  Ford sold its stock, and the resulting company, Think Global, continues to produce electric cars in Norway. 1,693 were made in 2002 before the line was discontinued.  Powered by six lead-acid batteries driving a 5000-watt DC motor, the neighbor is said to deliver a 25 mph top speed and a range of roughly 30 miles. Recharging takes four to eight hours using a standard 110-volt outlet. Built on an aluminum space frame, the neighbor is adorned with thermoplastic body panels available in a variety of colors.