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Battery Information

Golf Cart Chargers and Charging


It is particularly important to maintain and charge your batteries properly.  If you overcharge your batteries, you could damage them and reduce their life. You can easily do this by getting an automatic charger that shuts off after it full charges the battery.  Most golf carts and LSV’s include a charger when you buy them.

If you have an older model golf cart, then the charger has a mechanical timer.  Newer golf carts have automatic chargers.  Just remember the charger performs one charge cycle.  Most are not equipped with a maintainer (Floater) that keeps the battery charged over time.  Over time Lead Acid batteries will loose their charge.  Also many new golf carts have solid state speed controls and continually draw a small amout of power even with the ignition off.  If leaving your golf cart in storage or not going to use it for a couple of weeks make sure you set your cart to Tow mode.  Most solid state golf carts have a switch mounted under the seat that has two positions (RUN or TOW).


Batteries need to get fully charged between uses.  Using your golf cart when your batteries aren’t fully charged leads to hard sulfation and can affect battery performance and the range of your batteries.

Make sure your batteries have enough time to complete a charge cycle before using your cart.  If possible, charge your batteries every day and add water after the charge.  Do not drive the vehicle until the battery dies; lead-acid batteries will not last as long if you completely discharge them.

It’s better to start charging a golf cart battery when there’s enough time to fully charge it before your next trip.