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About Us.

By day, I work for a welding equipment manufacturer as their sales manager.  A lifelong fascination with how things work guided me to degrees in welding, electronics, computer science and programming.  When the personal computer was introduced I jumped in with both feet building my own personal computer back when DOS was the norm.  Over the years I have enjoyed building and repairing computers for friends and family, setting up my own home server and helping my wife establish her business presence on the Internet.

Got involved with Golf carts through my bother in laws need for help at his Golf Cart shop with electric battery powered golf carts.  Found troubleshooting, repair and customizing of golf carts fun and rewarding.     

Lake Golf Carts grew out of the need to provide professional technical information and help to the public on golf cart service and repair.  Through word of mouth we have been able to help golf cart enthusiasts troubleshoot and repair their golf carts specializing on Electric Golf carts and LSV’s.